The Pillars, Waterloo

Public Art Commission


The Past, Present and Future of Waterloo project highlights the area’s rich heritage and creates an enlivened space for those working, living in and visiting the area.

The Colonnade Pillars at Elizabeth House, York Road
London, UK


My response to this project was to attempt to capture the experience of passing through Waterloo at a time when the area is being significantly redeveloped.

Most of my paintings are based on coastal landscapes in my home country of Australia; researching the area around Waterloo Station prompted me to find new ways to respond to this intensely urban landscape.

I created a number of paintings in acrylic from which sections could be taken for the pillars. These were created in layers, overlapping different images based on my own drawings and photographs in a painted collage. I have tried to capture the sense of looking up as we walk through these streets, at the towering structures of cranes and buildings under construction.

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